complex booking rules made easy   

Looking for a Demo?

Well, we'd love to assist...

You can see the system from a ccustomer's point of view by clicking the demo link below.

You'll be able to see some example fishing and also add things to your cart and check out - but we wont ask you for money! The demo system will take you to payment processing with Paypal, but you won't be able to go further.

BeatBooker Demo System

Why isn't there a demo for the back-office administration?

We are very proud of our product and we are sure that others will try and copy our unique ideas and way of doing things.

Almost everything is configuratble via the back-office system, from member types, to beat rules and restrictions, prices and discounts etc. so we're keeping that bit under wraps until you contact us to find out more.

We will the configure a demo system to accurately reflect how you want to run your business. You'll see something VERY close to your final system.