BeatBooker Club Designed for Angling Clubs and Associations


and adds

  • Full Club Administration
  • Unlimited Membership types
  • Online Renewals
  • Membership Fee Schedules
  • Associate / Web Only Members
  • membership upgrades
  • Season Ticket Purchase
  • Automatic expiration
  • Permit Discounting
  • Membership Certificates
  • Online Club Newsletter
  • Maintains secure database of all members and associates. Including detailed reporting tools to analyse renewal rates and membership lapses
    Set up period or season ticket offers and price schedules with variable expiration dates
    Supports unlimited membership types based on age and status for both club and associate members
    Automatic Membership Expiration ecourages prompt renewals as lapsed members automatically lose access to all member-only privileges and permit pricing
    Online renewals for expired members, with reminders to renew for the next season to give them access to members-only privileges and discounts
    Unlimited permit price discounting/loading dependant on membership class and venue as well as time of year
    Flexible membership fee schedules to provide discounts to seniors or juniors, with addition of optional rejoining fee after a grace period fo lapsed members
    Membership Certificates held online and available for reprint at any time.
    Encourage Associate or Web-only members to stay in touch with club news and take advantage of short-notice discounts
    Setup of private club online newsletter with instant access to all logged-in members
    Membership upgrades allow the club to offer non-club member benefits to Associate members