"The club has sold over 20,000 permits using the system. We are very pleased. Tracking, admin, returns are all effortless. J. Ross, Chairman, Pitlochry Angling Club

"I booked my Spring holiday fishing in less than 10 minutes. One week in Scotland on 5 different beats on the Tummel and river Garry. All booked and paid for and now all I have to do is turn up!". T. Rea, Essex.

"With all the complex rules surrounding some fishing venues in Scotland, maintaining tight control of who is fishing where and at what time is a difficut and thankless task. BeatBooker simplifies everything, so I can spend more time fishing". A McLeod, Sutherland

"I just didn't know how easy using BeatBooker could be. I booked my fishing, printed my permits, downloaded maps and access instructions and I'm ready to go". J. Menzies, Norfolk.

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  • "It was all so simple"
  • "Less bookkeeping"
  • "A one-stop-shop"
  • "More sales"

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for fishermen"

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