Our Products From the smallest to the largest operation, select the BeatBooker option that's right for you

For beat owners or managers who want a simple solution to selling their fishing online.

Simple setup

Just let us know what fishing you want to sell, your pricing and over what periods and we will add it to the service for you. You can be up and selling online in minutes. Its only a phone call away.

Immediate Payment

As soon as a permit is sold, money is deposited in YOUR account and you receive an email or mobile text notification that a sale has been made.

Reach a global market

Join the BeatBooker Service and we publish your fishing to the world market. No fuss, just more and faster permit sales.

Simplify membership admin and manage permit sales on your own rivers and lochs.

Membership Admin

Members can join or renew online. You define the membership types and prices while everything is maintained for you - as well as sending reminders and managing your accounts.

Flexible Permit Sales

Sell daily, weekly, period or season tickets online and even manage contention on popular fishings with permit rationing.

Promote your club

Actively promote and grow your club online and let everyone know whats happening with newsletters and articles

If you control large amounts of fishing, Our managed Service is your one-stop-shop

Simple Integration

Easily integrate BeatBooker into your own website with a single link and start selling online with complete and secure inventory management, monitor fishing effort and track catch returns

Distribute Payments

Handle multiple accounts and allocate funds to estate owners periodically or in real time.

Engage resellers

Sign up local businesses as resellers so visitors and locals alike can buy permits conveniently and easily

Operate your own customised whitelabelled BeatBooker solution

Total Access and Control

Configure your own complete solution to manage and selling fishing, products and other services online.

Customised Look & Feel

We will work with you to create a fully customised online presence. Configure all aspects of BeatBooker to your own requirements.

Need Something Specific?

With BeatBooker Total, we can work with you to create new features and customised modules that are specific to your business.