River Board / AgencyThe solution for those that manage large amounts of fishing on behalf of others


and adds

  • Agency Management
  • Mutliple Client Accounts
  • Venue inventory Control
  • Immediate payment dispersal
  • Commission retention
  • Reseller Management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Full feature set for you to maintain details of all beat owners and estates whose fishing you manage
    Comprehensive reporting tools for ensuring you have a complete picture of the occupancy levels and financial status of the fishing you manage
    Configure multiple client accounts to facilitate the straight-through processing of payments
    Open access to venue and beat management with sophisticated tools for configuring single, period or seasonal bookings with discount schedule management and optional access controls
    Choose Immediate payment dispersal to estates and beat owners at your descretion to assist in cash flow and reduce periodic administration and accounting
    Options to retain variable commission levels on a beat-by-beat basis as well as over time for ultimate flexibility
    Engage local businesses and tourist agency offices as resellers to maximise access to short notice bookings for visitors